Washing & Care Instructions

How do I prep my Lanibaby diapers and inserts before first use?

Super easy! Wash once with detergent before first use!

Please note that our hemp/bamboo inserts will reach full absorbency after approx 5-7 washings. They have natural oils that need to be removed during the washing process, so please be patient until they are fully prepped!  It is completely normal for the hemp/bamboo inserts to shrink at least 10% after being prepped, so please do not be alarmed.  Hemp often takes on a "wavy and wonky" appearance after being prepped, this is strictly cosmetic and will not affect the performance of absorbency of your insert.

How do I wash Lanibaby diapers and inserts for regular use?

We’re glad you asked! It’s easy! Here are the basics for normal washing of your LaniBaby cloth diapers:

 1) Remove solids from diaper.

*Exclusively breastfed babies do not need their diapers rinsed prior to wash day. EBF poo is water soluble!

2) Remove inserts from diaper prior to wash. Store inserts and diapers in a dry pail.

3) Prewash with line 1 detergent using a quick cycle.

4) Main wash with full recommended detergent using a long or heavy duty cycle.

*Please do not use a sanitize or steam cycle.

5) Tumble dry normal or line dry.

*Please, never stretch warm elastics as this can cause them to become irreversibly stretched.

*If line drying, please do not hang your diapers vertically, as this will stretch out the elastics prematurely. Instead, hang them horizontally.


Pro Tips for wash day

 Pro Tip #1:   Wash diapers and inserts with other small laundry items (bibs, socks, wash cloths, baby clothes, burb cloths, etc). Cloth diapers and inserts washed with large or bulky items can become trapped in those items, resulting in ineffective cleaning.

 Pro Tip #2:   Most regular detergents are safe to use on cloth and our favorite is good old fashioned Tide! We do not recommend using detergents that are specially labeled for cloth diapers, or the use of essential oils, soap nuts, vinegar, or homemade laundry mixes, etc. The use of these soaps will void your warranty, please use with caution.

Please see Fluff Love University’s (the experts of cloth diapering) list of approved detergents here.


Could you give me a personalized wash routine please?

We wish we could! Water hardness, detergents, and washing machines are just a few variables that can vary drastically from family to family. However! The experts at the Fluff Love & CD Science Facebook page can create unique, personalized wash routines just for you!


 How do I strip or bleach your products?

If you maintain a good wash routine, you will rarely, if ever, need to strip or bleach your diapers or inserts. However! Since you asked, we’d be thrilled to again, direct you to the experts at Fluff Love University. They have an easy step-by-step guide to stripping and bleaching here!

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