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How many cloth diapers do I need?

Our following recommendations based on laundering every 2-3 days:

Newborn:  24-36 diapers
Baby 3 months – 1 year: 20-30 diapers
Toddler (1-2 years): 18 diapers
Older Toddler (2-3 years): 12 diapers

These are approximate recommendations. Your little one is unique so you may require more or less.

How often do I need to change my little one during the day?

The general recommendation is to change your baby approx. every 2-3 hours.  You may need to adjust this time based on the individual needs of your baby. Babies who are heavy wetters may require more frequent changes during the day.

How do I know when my baby needs to be changed?

True, cloth diapers don’t come with the color indicator of disposables, but no worries! It’s super EASY to tell if your little one needs to be changed. When your baby is dry, the diaper will feel soft and fluffy. When your baby is wet, the diaper will feel more stiff.  You'll get the hang of it super quickly, we promise! But what about the poo you ask? Easy! You can take a peak in the back of their diaper or just use the good old fashioned sniff test.  No different than a disposable really! :)

What do I do with the poo?

If your baby is exclusively breastfed, there is no need to rinse your diaper prior to wash day, EBF poo is water soluble! For babies that are formula fed or are eating solids, we highly recommend the use of a diaper sprayer to spray off poo into the toilet. We use a small trash can (bottom removed) and spray the diaper inside the pail on the toilet, keeps spraying need and tidy! No backsplash, no worries! If you don't have a diaper sprayer, simply dunk and swish your diaper in the toilet or use a scraper/spatula to remove solids into the toilet.

How do I store the dirty diapers prior to wash day?

 Please store your Lanibaby diapers and inserts in a “dry pail” prior to wash day. A dry pail system can simply be a laundry basket with a pail liner. Please do not let your diapers soak submerged in a wet pail as this will degrade the elastics and fabric. Wet pails also pose a safety hazard to small children. If you need to rinse your diapers after changing, press (do not wring) the water out of them gently and then place into your dry pail. 

How long should I store my dirty diapers and inserts prior to wash day?

We recommend storing dirty diapers no more than 2-3 days prior to wash day. Mold and mildew can set in after 2-3 days and can be stubborn to remove, mama ain't got time for that!

Can you expand on your wash instructions please? I’d like more information. 

 Yes!  We understand that you might have specific questions about your wash routine, detergents, and other aspects of cloth diapering.  Or perhaps you would like to receive a customized wash routine with your specific detergent, water hardness, or washing machine in mind.  Thankfully, there is an AWESOME group for that! The ladies at Fluff Love University (aka the cloth diaper whisperers) have perfected the science of cloth diapering.  They are a group of rock star mamas who have seen it all and can trouble shoot any cloth diaper question. Their recommendations are science based and results orientated.

 Hop on over to their website here or join their amazing Facebook page here for expert help! Don’t cloth diaper alone! Join the thousands of other mamas just like yourself and enjoy the camaraderie of the cloth community. The resources of Fluff Love University are endless, they are LITERALLY your go-to solution for clean fluff. We’re a tad bit impressed with the Fluff Love University folks, can you tell?


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