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General Quesitons


When will my order ship?

How can I change or cancel my order?

Do you offer Signature Confirmation?

How will my package ship?

How can I track my order?

Where is my package?

The tracking on my package says it's delivered, but I haven't recieved it, what do I do?

Wash and Care

How do I wash my Lanibaby diapers and inserts?

Can I was my diapers and inserts with other laundry items?

What are the best practices for cloth diaper care?

What do I do with the poo?

How do I store my dirty diapers?

Will my diapers stink while being stored prior to wash day?

How often should I wash my diapers?

Can I use laundry boosters?

What are some tips for removing stains?

Product Issues

My Bamboo Hemp inserts are smaller after washing, is this normal?

My Bamboo Hemp inserts look a little wavy after washing, is this normal?

My Bamboo Hemp inserts feel a bit stiff after line drying, is this normal?

My baby has red elastic lines on her legs from the diaper, is this normal?

How many washes before my Bamboo Hemp inserts reach full absorbency?

My diapers feel wet on the outside of the diaper, what is happening and why?

Warranty and Returns

What is your warranty?

What is your return policy?

Other Questions

Are Lanibaby Diapers CPSIA Compliant?

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